Saturday, January 08, 2005

Herr Hitler, please put down that canister of Zyklon B. Please?

Apparently a suitable of time has passed since the tsunami that we can now turn our attention back to things that we could theoretically do something about. I won't dwell on it too long because we have other things to think about, what with Brad and Jennifer breaking up. But there is still the little matter of the slaughters in Darfur. And damn it Kofi is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

All sides, Annan said, "must be persuaded, by a combination of pressure and assurances from influential member states, that it is truly in their interests to pursue a settlement."

What is it that we will be pressuring them to deal with?

The crisis in Darfur was sparked in February 2003 when pastoral rebel groups took up arms against the government in a struggle over power and scarce resources. Khartoum retaliated by arming nomad militia, accused of conducting a campaign of murder, rape and arson against villagers.

So yes, clearly you can see that these are the sort of people who will be convinced that it is in their best interests to "pursue a settlement". Could it be? Peace in our time?

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