Monday, December 27, 2004

Well, that's one more group I won't be joining...

So the International Federation of Library Associations has named a Cuban librarian to its Intellectual Freedom Committee. Oh, that's great, you say. They've made one of Cuba's jailed librarians an honoury member in protest? Well, no, not exactly. They have named one of Cuba's Castro-approved librarians, Marta Terry Gonzalez. Marta has defended Castro's imprisonment of independent librarians because she says they are actually U.S. agents paid to undermine the Cuban revolution. So, clearly, she's all about intellectual freedom.

Among IFLA's core values?

the belief that people, communities and organizations need universal and equitable access to information, ideas and works of imagination for their social, educational, cultural, democratic and economic well-being

Well that sounds just like Cuba!

Way to go IFLA, you have just replaced the IOC as the only international body I have more contempt for than the U.N. Come on international organisations that's a challenge to you in 2005: make me hate you.

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