Monday, December 20, 2004

Memo to Bill Graham:

You are not my MP! I know this because when I found out that they had changed the electoral boundaries, I did a little happy dance. You not being my MP is the only thing that can make me mildly tolerate Tony Ianno being my MP (that's quite the acheivement!).

Well that's all very nice Lemon, but why are you going on about this? Because Mr. It- Takes- Me- Nearly-A-Year-To-Respond-My-Constituents- Letters- And- When-I-Do-I-Insult- Their- Intelligence- By- Suggesting- That- Iran- is- Reforming- Itself-And-Is-Basically- Just-Misunderstood, I just got the December 2004 "Bill Graham Report" in the mail. These things cost money, I am a tax payer, and as much fun as it is reading stuff that makes me hate you more, I'm sure that there are more effective ways that my tax dollars could be spent. My money already pays for Tony Ianno's fifty-page glossies (okay, I exaggerate.... a little) to come to my door.

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