Thursday, December 23, 2004

Let the judge do his job

The Judge in the Maher Arar investigation continues to have roadblocks put in his way by the government who are refusing to release information needed for the truth to come out.

Included among the censored materials deemed too sensitive for Canadians to see were newspaper reports from the Ottawa Citizen and, in one particularly bizarre instance, part of a 1996 judgment from a federal court case involving lumber.

Believe me, I am all about protecting national security, especially when it relates to terrorism. However, I also happen to know that the Liberals play a little fast and loose with the rules when it comes to the Access to Information Act.

Canadians are always so busy whinging about how Americans have supposedly had their freedoms stripped away by the Patriot Act, that they pay no attention to the fact that there are some very serious problems here at home.

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