Saturday, December 11, 2004

And Goebbels was just Hitler's press secretary

A priest who helped to arrange a meeting between Tariq Aziz and the Pope before the Iraqi war is now helping to arrange Vatican support for free legal advice for the former Iraqi foreign minister. According to his supporters, Aziz was just a diplomat. He supported a murderous regime, but it's not like he actually killed anyone with his own hands. Remember, if you're going to be involved with a dictatorship, get one of the jobs where you get to wear a suit. It looks much better when the regime falls.

"The church's involvement in Aziz's defence is potentially embarrassing for the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, whose centre-Right government supported the US-led invasion."

Right, because Tariq Aziz is a good guy and now because of the coalition of the willing he's out of a job. They are definitely the one's who should be embarrassed, not the church.

I'm going to sleep now, will someone please wake me up when this world makes some sense?

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